A family dedicated to raising quality registered American British White Parks for over 30 years

We got our start with the White Park cattle somewhat by accident in the early 1980's. We had been raising what we referred to as our "Heinz 57" (which is a shortened historical advertising slogan "57 Varieties" by the J. H. Heinz Company) herd of cattle. They consisited of Angus, Simmetal, Charlois as well as some crossbreeds. We purchased a White Park heifer calf from a neighbor couple, Larry and Vada Kiser, who had been raising White Parks for over 20 years. The heifer was quiet, friendly, had a nice personality and was easy to work with. Then we had an opportunity to purchase several cows and heifers from Larry and Vada's White Park herd. It didn't take us long to discover the White Parks were the cattle for us! They have a quiet disposition and are easy keepers as well as the cows being easy calvers with good mothering instincts which were all of the traits we were looking for in our cattle herd. We quickly phased out our "Heinz 57" cattle and became a purebred White Park herd. Over the past 30 years we have grown to our present herd size of approximately 75 head of purebred American British White Park cows, 25 bred heifers and over 65 calves as well as 6 breeding bulls. We are a family business dedicated to raising quality, sound cattle that will do equally well as breeding stock, in the feedlot or in the show ring. Our cattle bloodlines can be traced back to some of the foundation cows and bulls of the White Park breed.

We are located in Northern Illinois about 24 miles north of Rockford and on the Illinois/Wisconsin state line. We very much enjoy talking cattle and would enjoy having you come to visit our White Park herd!