The Nimmer Family Welcomes you to Twin Oaks Farms

We are a family cattle operation dedicated to raising quality American British White Park cattle that will do equally well in the pasture, feedlot or in the show ring. We have been raising American British White Park cattle for over 30 years and firmly believe when we sell our cattle they are of the same quality and soundness we would want to keep in our own herd. Any animal who does not fit this standard is culled. Our goal is not only to maintain the quality of this breed, but to improve it by keeping our standards high. The American British White Parks have excellent traits which consist of being hardy, easy keepers with a docile disposition, easy calving ability as well as having great maternal instincts. These traits date back centuries to the Roman Legion days in England and through many generations of survival have become the cattle they are today. These strong American British White Park traits are what sold us on this breed.